Polykemi Inc

Polykemi Inc is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Polykemi and has since 2013 delivered customized compounds to customers in North America.

Polykemi Inc was founded in Delaware in 2013 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Polykemi AB. It acts as a sales company on the North American market and caters for customers in USA, Mexico, and Canada.

The idea with Polykemi Inc is to be able to deliver the same high-grade compounds in North America as we do from Sweden and Kunshan, China. We do this in collaboration with our production partner Omni Plastics, based on methods developed and refined at Polykemi AB. The compounds from Polykemi Inc maintains the same high standards as those from our other subsidiaries. This is achieved by using the same or similar raw material in all our production centers.

A local supplier

Polykemi endeavors to be where the customers are, and this is the case in the US too. With local production and local sourcing of materials, we avoid unnecessary transportation and reduce our environmental impact. Being where the customers are means that we can be flexible
both in terms of delivery times and compound deliveries. Polykemi Inc.’s goal is to
bridge the North American market in order to deliver our high-quality compounds
to customers with global production. Our vision is to become the solution finder on the North American market by having local production, but also through our Mexican agent Resinal De Mexico that supplies Mexico with compounds from Polykemi.

In North America, our compounds are manufactured in Evansville, Indiana at Omni Plastics. Omni Plastics stands for the same values and customer satisfaction as Polykemi and was the obvious choice as a collaborator. Through our partner, Polykemi Inc can provide the same large selection
of products also in North America. With experience from the automotive industry, we are used to color matching and tough color requirements, which can also be done in the United States. Our portfolio includes compounds based on materials such as reinforced Polypropylene (SCANCOMP North America) Material, Polyamide (SCANAMID6 &SCANAMID 66), ABS (POLYabs) and various blenders such as PC/ABS (POLYblend), PC/ASA