Sharing common values ​​is important to us at Polykemi and significant in the successful Going For Gold project.

Going For Gold

The working philosophy that exists in everything we do at Polykemi can best be summed up with the words “Going For Gold”. We are always striving to continually improve ourselves in order to achieve greater success, in order to be better and to reach for the gold.

“Going For Gold” is also the name of the project that started in 2005 with the goal to develop a concept to clarify what the future of Polykemi should look like.

The goals were tough, just as it should if you want to achieve real success. They were tough but realistic goals that required an extraordinary effort from each one of us. Our joint efforts led to success in terms of increased profitability. This meant that we could get through the tough years of the recession in 2009 and 2010.

Success requires shared values

To succeed and achieve the desired goals, it is important to be able to agree on shared values. Shared values are about having the right attitude and they control our way of being, thinking and acting towards ourselves, each other and our company. At Polykemi we have developed five values that we want everyone within the company to agree on and which will create success for our employees as well as for the entire company.


Being a professional colleague at Polykemi means always taking the interests of the customer into account while, at the same time, there is a constant cost awareness of the company’s common resources.


Having the courage and trust to give and take responsibility is a matter of course at Polykemi. Therefore, it is as natural for us to delegate tasks as having the courage to take on new challenges.


If we can learn to interact optimally with each other, with customers and suppliers, there is no limit to our success. It is important to see the whole picture, be respectful and at the same time make your voice heard.


To be respectful of each other, the company and its strategies are important for achieving our common goals. At Polykemi we assume that everyone means well, wants to develop and strive to achieve success for the company.


Characteristics that lasts forever and that we value very highly at Polykemi is to have the courage to be honest, speak your mind and to rethink decisions. For our shared success it is also important to listen to others and give constructive feedback.